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Brave George Galloway Felled By Weapon Of Miss Destruction

by | 23rd, April 2008

galloway.jpgWHO threw the stress ball that might have struck George Galloway? Why, it’s Tim Heald, of Penge, south-east London.

No word from him, and readers are left to wonder if the ball was thrown in anger or support? Was the intention to knock Galloway out. He would come to as a changed man unable to recall being offered Quality Street by Saddam Hussein, focusing instead on the Conservative Party, who he endorses “a million percent”, global warming and shaving?

Here’s Galloway, armed with a loud hailer, chinstrap beard and sunglasses. Galloway is on the campaign trail for the London Assembly elections.

Heald takes aim. He shoots. Witnesses see the ball. They see Galloway duck to avoid it. In doing to, Galloway bangs his head on the side of the bus. Is this a self-inflicted injury, something embarrassing and best shrugged off with a cheery laugh and a wince? Is this the moment the new Galloway is made?

Says Kevin Ovenden, Galloway’s spokesman: “The ball hit him on the side of the left temple. It was a direct hit. He collapsed to one side, was dazed for some time. He has a bruise coming up but he didn’t go to hospital.”

The spokesman view is clear. Post-attack Galloway might not be man remade, but he is the stoic victim, gamely battling on through the pain.

Says the Mirror: “George Galloway was sent flying by a ball.” A foam ball.

Galloway is upset, though not for himself. Says Galloway: “It was shocking for my granddaughter of three who was on the bus.” Indeed, no small shock to see your indefatigable grandpa felled by a foam ball.

The fears are that the little lass will never make a full recovery and develop a morbid dread of blue foam balls, or Weapons of Miss Destruction, as some are already calling them…

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