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Ukraine’s Little Hitler Doll

by | 23rd, April 2008

THE Hitler toy for all the family. For you Ken, ze good times with ze lovely blonde Barbie ist over.

The 16in Hitler figurine comes with moveable arms  – to reproduce Hitler’s salute – is to go on sale in Kiev this summer.

You can dress your little Hitler in “early days Adolf” (brown shirts and jodhpurs), and “wartime Adolf” (a grey double breasted tunic, black trousers and simple Iron Cross medal). Look out for Beach Hitler, Rehab Hitler and Strictly Come Dancing Hitler.

The doll will also come with accessories like a miniature Blondi, Hitler’s Alsatian, cyanide capsules, a Panza tank (in any colour so long as its pink) and millions of Jewish and gypsy slaves to keep the Hitler Haus clean…

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