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Priosoners Break In To Go To Jail

by | 25th, April 2008

overcrowded-prisons.jpgJUST smash the jeweler’s window and get yourself some for “cheap drugs, satellite TV, free telephone calls and breakfast in bed.”

And that’s if you lose and get caught. Win and you get some 18carat gold necklaces, leather-style watchstraps and fame as an entertainer of sorts on TV’s Crimewatch.
Villains cannot lose. At least that’s what the Mail says as it uses its front page to announce: “CRIMINALS BREAK IN TO OUR SOFT JAILS.”

And so says Glyn Travis, assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers’ Association. He uses the “classic example” of Everthorpe Prison where a drug dealer was using ladders to sneak into the prison grounds and pass drugs though cell windows.

No other example is given, creating the suspicion that this “classic example” is the only example of this kind of behaviour and that it is being used to serve Mr Travis’s pet cause.

On the matter of breakfast in bed, or “LUXURY LIFE IN OUR JAILS”, as the Express advertises on its front page, a Prison Service spokesman says that prisoners are handed a breakfast pack, which they eat in their bedroom, which also serves as their toilet, lounge, dining room and study.

Mr Travis tells us that “every jail in the land was overcrowded” (Mail).


It’s Welston Prison in Wetherby, Wet Yorkshire, which is empty while it awaits a refit.

But still, if it serves a purpose…

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