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Amy Winehouse: The Sun Shines On Blake Wood And Alex Haines

by | 28th, April 2008

wino-amy.jpgAMY Winehouse is dating one Alex Haines.

Says his stepfather Roger Vine: “He’d never get involved with drugs and doesn’t drink much. He’d be positive influence.”

As if to prove the point the Mirror investigates Haines. This expedition if journalism goes as far as visiting Facebook and finding a picture of Haines “stripped to the waist at a drug-fuelled Thai beach party as he dances with his eyes half-shut”. The paper says the picture is captioned “Alex tripping”.

Having set the scene, the Mirror then reminds its readers that “there is no proof that he has even taken drugs”. Readers should not read of the drugs, the eyes, the tripping and the “boozy wild nights out” and draw the wrong conclusion – such is the Mirror’s professionalism.

This is Haines of whom a source says: “He always said he’d do anything to get rich and would love to be famous.”

Anything? Would he sleep with Winehouse, something the Sun says one Blake Wood has done in the rooms at London’s Park Plaza hotel?

A source looking queasy by the ice machine says: “You could hear them down the hall. Her thing with Blake II lasted a few weeks. The pair barely left their room.”

Meanwhile husband Blaaaake is in jail, and none the wiser. Readers learn that Winehouse has been “unable” to face telling him that she’s been with another man, or men.

Says a source of Winehouse and her management: “In all honesty they think The Sun has done them a favour. It was getting harder to keep the affair under wraps.”
No pun intended, we think…

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