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Madeleine McCann: Sometimes We Feel Like Giving Up

by | 28th, April 2008

maddie-story.jpg“SOMETIMES WE JUST FEL LIKE GIVING UP” declares the Mirror “…but Maddie just keeps us going”.

The headline is not, as you might think, an anguished crie de coeur from the paper’s editors. It is, of course, a quote from Kate McCann. The legend at the top of the page reads: “McCANNS 1 YEAR ON”.

Other papers follow suit, with the Sun featuring a 12-page special and pin-up size pictures of “The face we will never forget”.

The Star eschews such tacky emotionalism and goes for a hard news story for its cover: “MUSLIM SICKOS’ MADDIE KIDNAP SHOCK.”

The paper says police are set to investigate a “vile attack on Madeleine McCann’s parents” by Muslim extremists.

What kind of attack? A suicide bomb, perhaps?

No. In a “hysterical rant” on the internet, “fanatics blame the couple for her disappearance”.

All very interesting. But what of the Star’s stablemate, the Maddy Express? What extravaganza are they offering for Day 365? A 28-page special?

Curiously, the front page is bereft of the face we will never forget. Perhaps Express Newspapers have issued a completely separate edition of the paper devoted entirely to all things McCann?

Nope. The newsagents’ shelves are bereft.

We jest, of course. The paper has, as you know, steered clear of the subject since being hammered in court for its scurrilous and exploitative coverage of the case. Coverage that included far from subtle insinuations that the Kate and Gerry McCann were implicated in their daughter’s disappearance. (Not to be confused, we hasten to add, with “hysterical rants” by “fanatics”.)

With no Maddy and no Diana, what is “THE WORLD’S GREATEST PAPER” to do?

Read on, dear reader, read on…

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