Anorak News | The Kate McCann Calendar, Elisabeth Fritzl And A Suspect Strike Again

The Kate McCann Calendar, Elisabeth Fritzl And A Suspect Strike Again

by | 29th, April 2008

katemccann_.jpgMADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MIRROR (front page): “KATE: I need to know Madeleine is alive..or dead”

The Mirror says Madeleine McCann went missing on “May 3 2007 9:15pm.”

Or not. Such are the facts.

THE SUN (front page): “MASDDIE – Part Two of our harrowing series”

How does it end? First read the “12-PAGE SPECIAL”.


A case told in headlines:

“’Do a year in jail and you can all go home.’ NO!’”

“Tears of relief and sadness as McCanns come home”

It’s the Kate McCann calendar – 12 pictures of Kate McCann, one for each month Madeleine’s been gone. A straw poll in the Anorak office says Kate makes a decent Miss September and blooms in April. May is not her best month…

“Theory after theory..but not a single proper lead”

“So many Maddies, and wild goose chases”

“The life of torment they now endure”

“’Maddie suspect’ bid to grab girl”

Robert Murat?

A MAN matching the description of Madeleine McCann’s suspected abductor has tried to snatch a 15-year-old girl, it was revealed last night. Portuguese cops are looking into last month’s incident, which happened 30 miles from where Maddie vanished last May 3.

The man exposed himself to the Dutch girl in the village of Senhora da Rocha and tried to pull her into his Jeep. She fled from the fiend, who was about 40 with pony-tailed long hair. Police have circulated his description


Says Clarence Mitchell: “On two occasions we have had to refer to the police but I don’t want to go into any detail about that.”

Good of the Star to fill in the silence.

“’Match’ is back in picture” – Detectives are “probing” the attempted abduction of a Dutch girl 30 miles from where Madeleine went missing.

Is it the same man the McCanns’ private detectives fingered, the one Gail Cooper saw? Or not?

THE HERALD: “Why sex-addicted peer cannot say he’s a victim”

Madeldine McCann and sex addict peer Irvine Laidlaw. What link? Colette Douglas home looks at the matter?

And then there is Madeleine McCann. The anniversary of her abduction is on Saturday. I know a little girl the same age as Madeleine and have seen over the year a maturing in her that Kate and Gerry McCann have missed. Madeleine is five now. She should be getting ready for primary one. She is a victim, even if she has been abducted by a well-meaning family who want a child. And that’s the biggest if of all. Her parents, too, are victims. They have lost their lovely little girl; they have been accused of harming her; they have been vilified for the admitted error of leaving her sleeping while they ate dinner 50 yards away. They live in an ongoing nightmare of not knowing where she is or even if she is alive. Stories such as that of Elisabeth Fritzl must sear them to the bone. If such a thing is possible, then what might Madeleine’s fate be?

Tabloid Bingo!

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