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Kicking The Daily Express Habit

by | 29th, April 2008

express.jpgTHE Daily Express is ever the paper of habit.

Addicted to Madeleine McCann and Princess Diana, it has now kicked both only to replace them with the quotidian exclusive that its costs 40p.

The Express has what psychologists and editors call an addictive personality, either that or a monkey with a finger on the f9 button.

The paper’s other daily news is that the Express cost 10p less than the Mail. But unlike the Mail, the Express does not offer its readers a “FREE ROYAL WORCESTER DINNER SERVICE” and a “FREE CLASSIC WAR MOVIE”.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

The dinner service consists not of a lap warmer and Ez-Wipe TV remote control cover, but 20 traditional items that should sit on a table.

The war movie du jour is the 49the Parallel, starring Leslie Howard and Laurence Olivier.

Not too shabby for 50p, even if the film is more dated than Pamela Anderson’s diary and the dinner service comes with a surcharge of £19.99 – or a £1 an item.

For one pound, you could, of course, buy the Express (you need only do so the once) and spend the remaining 60p on a small tray and sachet of ketchup…

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