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When Dolphins Collide: Sharky Is Dead

by | 29th, April 2008

sharky.jpgHAD only health and safely got their first, Sharky the dolphin would be alive today.

The Mail looks on as Sharky and Tyler rise from the waters at Discovery Cove Orlando, Florida.

Heads band into each other. And Sharky is dead.

“It’s an unfortunate and random incident,” says a park spokesman.

But surely this was an accident waiting to happen. The sooner dolphins are fitted with safety helmets, the better for one and all.

And given their alleged intelligence, might their banging their heads together be less of an accident than cry for help, or even murder?

We put it to the arena that Sharky resented Tyler, who was given a surname as a first name, a trend beloved by Essex mothers and Americans. Sharky was named after a shark, a cruel and unusual punishment for a dolphin.

An accident?

Has anyone thought to ask the dolphin?

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