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Taking The Piss With Jordan And Peter

by | 29th, April 2008

peter-andre-urine.jpgPETER Andre leaves urine on the toilet seat.

Given Peter’s careful appearance, we imagine this urine is left on the rim in a hand-blown, crystal-studded glass vial tied with a pink bow.

In turn, Jordan gives her husband a vial of her eponymous perfume, for him to pour lovingly down the pan after said urine.

But what of the rumours about this and that and the other things?

Peter tells OK! readers of his “inner circle”, which is very possibly a euphemism, and says: “Sometimes we’re a bit too trusting and we tell people things we shouldn’t.”

The urine, right? “A lot of stories are false anyway.”

Should we believe the story of the urine on the seat? It’s a delightful tale, and we want to know that it’s true. But is it?

Jordan than says that Pete “winds up” their daughter Princess Tiaamii (fact) “with his beard”.

A look a Peter Andre reveals a man with less facial hair than a Japanese choir boy. Can it be that this is an untruth, on that we should dismiss as too ridiculous?

Is Jordan taking the piss, and not only out of Peter..?

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