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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Lesbian Scandal’

by | 29th, April 2008

hillary-clinton-lesbian.jpgWANT to know “all the shocking details” about Hillary Clinton’s “LESBIAN SCANDAL”?

The Enquirer has all the details.

The race for the Democratic nomination to be US President is tuning into a minority issue. On the one side is black, mixed-race, Christian, Muslim, elitist, one-legged, part Cherokee Barack Obama and on the other is mum, wife, cuckold, trouser-suit wearer, mountaineer fan, sniper-dodging, nut crushing, shot-putting lactose intolerant Hillary Clinton.

We are only upset that the one-eyed black Jew Sammy Davis Junior did not long enough to see such a show.

But what of the lesbian scandal?

There’s “sexy brunette” Huma Abedin. There are “reports” that Hillary is a lesbian. The Enquirer talks of “gay romps” at, or with, the aptly named Camp David.

Says Hillary, doubtless wondering what her namesake Sir Edmund Hillary would do, responds: “It’s not true.” And if anyone can spot an untruth, it’s Hillary.

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