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When Chair Sniffers Confess: Troy Buswell Inhales

by | 29th, April 2008

buswell.jpgA WOMAN, who does not wish to be named, says Mr Troy Buswell, West Australian Opposition Leader, began to sniff the chair she had been sitting on at his Parliament House office in December 2005.

“I was shocked and outraged and I told him,” says the woman in the West Australian newspaper

“Outrage over chair-sniffing incident,” says The Age.

The Australian says that “Just 24 hours after 13 times labelling the chair sniffing an ‘unsubstantiated, anonymous rumour’ which he would not comment on, Mr Buswell finally admitted he sniffed the woman’s chair seat after she got up so he could get a laugh from other staff.”

Had Mr Buswell only whipped the chair away at the opportune moment or made a farting sound as soon as the women sat down things would have been left there.

But he elected to sniff, an action one imagines intended to imply the woman has made a smell, or else Mr Buswell is searching for her scent, marking him out as a pervert or a chair fetishist.

No CCTV footage of the sniffing has been unearthed, which is itself a shock. But the matter has nonetheless reached a head.

“Yes, I did inhale,” says the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Buswell says it had been a difficult time for him “on a personal level. These are difficult issues for me to deal with and they are very difficult issues for my family to deal with.

“It’s hard dealing with these matters and having to face up to your responsibilities behaviourally, publicly, and it’s harder to do it privately.”

Mr Buswell has previously admitted to snapping a Labor staffer’s bra. Liberal MP Katie Hodson-Thomas has complained of his making sexist remarks to her.

Deputy Liberal leader Kim Hames says: “To me, Troy’s a rough diamond and you don’t fix a rough diamond by smashing it to pieces.

“You take those rough edges off and you’ve got something that is of quality, and I think Troy is a quality person, and when you get to know him and know what he’s like, these incidents aren’t what he’s like.”

Although, you may shoose to be sniffy and think otherwise…

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