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The First Ronaldo is Three Times No Lady

by | 30th, April 2008

ronaldo2.jpgAT the time of writing there are three famous footballers called Ronaldo.

There’s the one with the pony tail, oiled Ian Botham-style finger perm and the buck teeth.

There’s the one who takes an holistic approach to tackling, clutching his entire body when touched by an opposition player.

And there’s Ronaldo, the original Ronaldo, the chubby one with the chipmunk grin who froze in the Paris World Cup final.

News on the Star’s front page is that this Ronaldo has been caught in the company of three transvestites. No, not the AC Milan backline, but Andrea (Andre), Carla and a nameless other we’ll call Nesta.

In “Footie star Ronaldo’s tranny hooker’s shock” the Sun talks of the hookers’ “wrong tackle” and how having “booked” them Ronaldo noticed his error and gave them “the red card”.

It’s all bit off. But a local police chief in Rio, where the incident occurred, tells us: “He just wanted to have fun and meet some other people outside his usual environment. He is quite shocked. He told me he is suffering some psychological problems as a result of his injury.”

None of the three Ronaldos are believed to be women…

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