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Unfare: Can You Be Too Fat To Drive A Bus?

by | 1st, May 2008

fat-bus-driver.jpgCAN you too be fat to drive a bus?

That question to Translink, in Belfast, who answer: “Yes, you can be too fat to drive a bus.”

The company only accepts recruits with a body mass index of 33 or under and since Mrs Marie Parker’s BMI is 34.1 she should lose weight and reapply herself.

Says Mrs Parker in the Mail, dressed in a bus driver’s uniform, which one imagines is slit up the back and held together by a system of pulleys. “But it shouldn’t matter what size you are, unless the DVLA or your doctor says any different.

“They’re the people who have the right to tell you in confidence that you ought to lose a little bit of weight. No one else should do that.”

Gillian McKeith and any number of TV diet gurus would surely disagree, while others may wonder at the truck Mrs Parker puts in the DVLA’s fitness regime.

But while Parker talks of discrimination and threatens to sue, we note that she weighs 12st and stands at 4ft 11 in tall.

Mrs Parker is a short person. We defer to Randy Newman on such matters, and can only say that when sat behind the wheel, Mrs Parker may create the impression that her bus is being driven by an obese child of school age.

And that will never do…

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