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Madeleine McCann: The Single Thread Thread

by | 1st, May 2008

FROM the Anorak Forums: For me, the best comment on the McCann TV Look at Us In Our Grief Special from the media perspective is today’s Guardian treatment of it.

If you go to and search on the name McCann you will find the whole two-hour-months-in-the-preparation, presentation and breathy puffing of the docusqueaky episode is reduced to the comment “Did we need a two-hour documentary to say Gerry and Kate McCann were:
1: angry?
2 sad? ”

The whole sorry exercise has been reduced to a what was on tv last night commentary and not about the sanitised McCann angst but about the ITV News At Ten coverage of it:

The inner twist is that Sam Wollaston is not sympathising with the McCann situation or plight but with the sorry and truly disgraceful fact that the ITV newsroom standards have fallen so low the Sir Trevor MacDonald and the team felt the Lead item of News at Ten was the McCann documentary… a dated non-news story and not one news worthy item in it other than the angle we have already covered taken by yesterday’s Herald on the “if only we have a buggy” comment.

Do you ever log into Anorak and feel a sensation which can only be described as akin to a bug being skewered by a hat pin for some entomologist’s collection?

I do. I am fed–up , sick to death of it and dislike the McCann spin and story so much I can actually express it here. I do not know the full story and I now realise I never will. There will be no big breaks. The parents, friends, police and above all else the media have failed Madeleine McCann. She is not in an a Euro cellar, She is just Not.

It is not news: it is a gross reflection of the the mass hysteria still generated by the various Diana Myths. Paul touched on this the other day when he said we should be re-examining Grace Kelly’s death.

The Maddy McCann story is about as relevant as the youfful King Tut’s murder. A who dunnit it which will forever be in doubt.

They either conspired in their child’s death (at least the cover-up) along with a few friends
or she was kidnapped.

I had a call last evening from a friend who lives in the Algarve and the in joke amongst the cynical ex-pats who still live there ( and KNOW the McCanns did it) is they have all, as a ABC economic group been invited to a launch party for a new car with a lead lined spare wheel well.

The manufacturers are proud of their new meat waggon and people carrier

The Renault McCann

Time we dropped these threads and got on with the news stories. We should be commentating of the futility of it all rather than genuflecting to the dross posters we are dealing with on a second by second basis.

Confine the story to news breaks and the Hello pages…because it ain’t news. It’s about wriggling on the white card as the various pins are stuck in.

Does anyone in our group think they are Guilty? Innocent? Or do we even sodding care any more?

I am today going to hospital to have more than a few pins and needles stuck in me.

PS : Did anyone clock the production company? It wasn’t Kirsty Wark’s mob was it? That would be worth a line of two. See? There we go again…


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