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Madeleine McCann: Josef Fritzl, Tabloid Bingo And Watching Kate McCann

by | 2nd, May 2008

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DAILY MIRROR (front page): “We’ll find Madeleine ourselves”

It is the McCanns’ “EXTRAORDINARY VOW”.

Any news of Metodo 3, the sleuths who would find Madeleine by last Christmas?


The McCanns’ three-year-old twins Sean and Amelie have promised their grieving parents they will rescue their missing big sister.

Well, why not let them have a go?

Says Gerry McCann: “Madeleine is everywhere in our lives.” All our lives.

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “’One year on, we’re no closer to finding Maddy’”

Says Kate McCann: “There has been that much speculation in a lot of the media, particularly the written press. It’s taking away people searching for Madeleine.”

Says Kate McCann, and not Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ media handler.

POLO SHIRTS (a company selling T-shirts): “T-Shirts can be very valuable tools in helping to find missing children. Think about how many people see you each and every day. If you are wearing a T-shirt with the picture of a missing child on it then all of those people are also seeing the child and, hopefully, watching for her everywhere that they go. In the case of Madeleine McCann, the sale of T-Shirts is also helping to raise money for Madeleine’s fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned.”

Let’s hear it for the T-shirts!

GLASGOW DAILY RECORD: “Tragedy Breeds Tourism”

It is a year since Madeleine McCann vanished.

Madeleine McCann and Josef Fritzl? We’ve already had the McCanns and Elisabeth Fritzl. There’s a link? Joan Burnie sees one..

The apartment from which the then three-year-old disappeared has now become a sick tourist attraction, where people take their own kiddies to be photographed where once Madeleine slept.

Next year, can we expect the Austrian Tourist Board to promote tours of the dungeon in which Josef Fritzl incarcerated and abused his daughter?

THE SUN: “Dungeon rescue gives me hope”

Madeleine McCann and Elisabeth Fritzl? A link?

MISSING Madeleine McCann’s mum told yesterday how the astonishing rescue of Austrian dungeon girl Elisabeth Fritzl has given her fresh hope that her daughter is still alive.

Kate, 40, said that hearing how Elisabeth was saved after 24 years imprisonment renewed her belief that little Maddie may also be held captive somewhere.

It’s Tabloid Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

METRO: “Dungeon fear for Maddy”

THE GUARDIAN: “Fritzl case proves long-term missing can re-emerge, say McCanns”

The couple had taken hope from the case of Elisabeth Fritzl, the Austrian woman whose father locked her in a cellar beneath his house for 24 years, and fathered seven children with her, said Gerry McCann.

DAILY MAIL (front page): “Kate: one year on: A portrait of torment”

Kate McCann is a “GP”.


Kate McCann:

It’s a sense, really. Madeleine just feels very close. It’s more of a kind of sensation that she’s there. You try to be objective and think, ‘Is that just because I’m her mum and I want to believe it?’ But it hasn’t changed.

Madeleine McCann: A year

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