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Mr Gay UK Involed in Cannibalistic Murder

by | 2nd, May 2008

mr-gay-uk.jpgMUCH scandal in the world of Mr Gay UK as inaugural title Anthony Morley is in the brown stuff.

No, not the touche éclat. Well, not only that.

The Sun says that Morley has been held by police after the body of one Damian Oldfield was found at a house in Harehills, Leeds.

A section of Mr Oldfield’s leg had been removed, and the fear is that Morley planned to eat it.

The vital clue came when a man walked into a local kebab shop covered in blood and dressed in a nightgown saying “I am the murderer, call the police”.

Police took a chance. They followed a trail of blood to the terraced house, where they found Mr Oldfield’s remains, and other bits of him on a kitchen worktop.

Says a police source: “It appears it was being prepared for cooking.”

Although what recipe was being used is not divulged, only that the flesh was “diced”.

Perhaps Mr Morley is saving this gem for the swimwear section…

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