Anorak News | Peaches Geldof Digs Deep To Continue Bob Geldof’s Work

Peaches Geldof Digs Deep To Continue Bob Geldof’s Work

by | 5th, May 2008


The Star’s front-page juice is that Peaches Geldof might have been getting stoned and needs to can it or she will fall from the family tree like her fruity mum Paula Yates.

Indeed, dear reader, who cannot read the Star’s front-page headline and wonder: But where’s the pun?

It’s much the same on the Mail’s cover where its readers learn: “Police to question Peaches on ‘drug deal’ film.”

No pun, although Mail readers may wonder if modern life really has turned into a Clockwork Orange, albeit with fuzz-faced Stoned Peaches running amuck.

The Mirror continues the Dadaist theme by saying how “Peaches will be grilled by detectives”. What has become of a country where coppers go to work on toasted Peaches and not eggs or the more traditional kidneys, liver and backs of legs?

“Peaches doing her drug deal,” says the Sun, shocked out of a pun but pragmatic enough to transcribe the incredible talking Peaches.

Peaches: “I have to go to the cashpoint but I have some money in my pocket.”

A male pal of hers adds: “I’ve got forty quid.”

Peaches: “Just give it to me. I’ve got £140. How much are they?”

Jonny: “If you took what you said you would it comes to £190. What have you got up to now?”

Anorak has checked and can confirm that £190 is the cost of a water pipe and family-pack well in an African village.

Rather than going “f***ing ballistic”, as all the papers say Bob Geldof will, we imagine he will swoon with love for his Peaches, who continues his legacy…

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