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Prince Harry’s Medal And Uncle Eddie’s Red Alert

by | 5th, May 2008

prince-edward.jpgPRINCE Harry’s Ronald McDonald Army has done for the enemy, and rightly their eponymous leader is hailed a hero and given a medal.

The Mail looks on as Harry is met by his aunt the Princess Royal. Having faced down al-Qaeda, Harry stands firm as aunty approaches brandishing a medal on a pin.

Anne is seen to chat with her nephew for around 30 seconds. Having commended Harry on not giving into fashion and sticking with one signature look, Princess Anne is seen to smile .

What does she know?

The Mail says that the Prince’s tour to Afghanistan was made possible only by an “unprecedented voluntary media blackout and a level of secrecy which left even some of the country’s most senior generals totally unaware that he was there”.

Those of you have seen Prince Edward’s career to date will take issue with the Mail’s use of the word “unprecedented”.

Eddie’s work in the dunes and stalls of Afghanistan may not get the headlines, but he is doing wonderful work, and has been there for three full years, which is far longer than Harry’s trip.

War reporters have gotten used to seeing Eddie, ginger wig on head, screaming “Boujis!” as he attracts an enemy keen to capture or kill Harry and take the reward.

But we will never hear of it, nor of Eddie.

And Princess Anne smiles…

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