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Celebrity Police After Peaches Geldof And A Can Of Celebrity Worms

by | 6th, May 2008

peaches-geldof.jpg“MY FEAR FOR PEACHES,” says the Mail’s front-page headline, words that could be uttered by just about anyone – Bob Geldof, the Man From DelMonte or the Mail’s Liz Jones.

The chair is with Jones who says she met the daughter of famous parents Bob and Paula Yates and found her to be “spoilt” and “completely undeserving of the enormous leg-up she has been given in her chosen career of TV presenter.”

She was also “sad”.

That’s “THE TROUBLE WITH PEACHES”. No, not that journalists can recall meeting her and now seek to stick the boot in as she confronts allegations of drug talking. The trouble with Peaches is something else entirely.

The trouble is the “fear of the police knock on the door”.

The Mirror has spotted our Celebrity Police Force at work, and using a picture of “Cocaine Kate” Moss, Amy Winehouse and the aforesaid Yates, places Peaches in context.

The Mirror says it knows the name of “at least seven major celebrities” who fear they could be contacted by the police because they share the same drug dealer as Winehouse and, allegedly, Peaches.

Right now, police are putting their names in a big hat and waiting excitedly to see which of them will be photographed with “the fashion model”, “the singer”, the “celeb kid”, the “reality TV star” or the “pop diva”.

Chances are Met Commissioner Ian Blair will get first dibs, on account of his being “the TV personlity’s” number one fan.

But them’s the perks of rank…

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