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Happy Birthay Cakes, Victoria Beckham, Love Heidi Klum

by | 6th, May 2008

heidi-klum-catty.jpgIT’S Victoria Beckham’s birthday and Heidi Klum, the model, is wondering what to get her.

What does Posh need?

Heidi knows. She has bought her a dozen cupcakes from the Sprinkles bakery.
And there’s a note:

“Happy Birthday – expect a dozen every Friday! Love, Heidi.”

That’s right, Posh needs feeding. And this is the gift that keeps on coming. Every Friday for an entire year Her Poshness will receive 12 cakes.

The Anorak is minded of the quip between George Bush and the BBC’s political pundit Nick Robinson, he of the noble brow.

Having heard the President advise him to watch his head in the sun, Robinson retorted, “I didn’t know you cared?” Said Bush: “I don’t.”

Bush gave and at the same time he took. Can Klum be acting as similar style, the spiteful attack encased in the silken glove?

Or does he think Her Poshness likes cakes, moreover eats them?

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