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Alan Sugar’s Police Force Go At A Fair Clip

by | 6th, May 2008

alan-sugar-jail.gifWANT to know how Sir Alan Sugar would “fix broken Britain”.

With a pointy finger, a moan about the bluddy no-marks and a call to the service centre?

Sir Alan says he’d use a “slegdgehammer to crack a nut”. That the sledgehammer would be an Amstrad Sledge-0-Player, the only hammer that doubles as a video recorder is beside the point.

Sir Alan wants respect, he very possibly demands it. Says he: “When I was a lad [stay with it] we’d often walk through the street and make a load of noise or kick a can or whatever.”

Yeah. Whatever.

“Then we’d get collared by a copper and he’d give you a clip round the ear!”

Ah, those were the days when spontaneous acts of violence meant something. But things haven’t changed so much, not really.

And in the Mirror’s “I CAN’T BREATHE, I CAN’T BREATHE,” readers get three shots of CCTV footage of four coppers giving Frank Ogboru a clip around the ear – or restraining him, as it is now termed – to such a degree that he stops breathing and dies.

But no copper has been fired. But there are plenty of pointy fingers. But the Crown Prosecution Service has decided against firing any of the coppers.

The Mirror hears it said that the coppers appeared to have their “knees or feet” on Mr Ogboru, who had been having a “minor row” with his girlfriend. It looks as if one officer had his foot on Mr Ogboru’’s neck.

Indeed, readers. The neck is close to the head but falls south of ear, unless you are a Hollywood legend in which instance ears and neck can change places.

It might be that the coppers tried to chuck the man round the ear in the 1950s manner but managed only to hit Mr Ogboru in the throat

But no-one will answer for their actions. Why? Why not.


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