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McGuckin In McCann Peril: Foreign Crimes In Foreign Climes

by | 7th, May 2008

portugal-scum-mccann.jpgBRITONS planning trips to the new Portugal should go equipped with a loud hailer, a private detective and nothing too shiny. If on a driving holiday, ensure the boot can be opened from within.

Listen to the tale told by Eamon and Antionette McGuckin, who found their three children in the care of the Portuguese – and what irony there, readers – after they were attacked by a “Rohypnol gang”.

One would imagine that given the paralysing powers of the so-called date rape drug, the Rohypnol Gang are not much cop at ganging, preferring to lie down and wait their victim to trip over them. It would help if the victims were drunk.

But this gang is armed with the drug and slipping it into the “small jug” of sangria the McGuckins were quaffing, sipping, even. (Although the Mirror’s Sue Carroll sees the “dog tired, hot and thirsty” couple taking beer – mucky foreign beer.)

Says a friend of the family, namely a Dr Cyril Harkin: “Neither of them are big drinkers. They have tried to understand what happened and have linked the sangria with the sudden decline in their health. They believe they were drugged by someone trying to rob them.”

The GP puts the tin lid on the matter by saying: “The Portuguese authorities are paranoid after the Madeleine McCann case.”

We are not anti-foreigner, and are quite confident that if the entire peoples of continental Europe were placed in a cell we could find a dozen for a game of cricket and a scorer, but can only conclude that the vast mojortity Portuguese are the scum of the Earth and in need of hanging…

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