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Sands In Time: The Hiccupping Metronome

by | 7th, May 2008

CHRISTOPHER Sands has hiccupped for 15 months.

He hiccups once ever two seconds, for up to 12 hours a day, at which point, one assumes, he goes to sleep.

The Mirror says Sands calculates that he has hiccupped 9,828,000 times since February 2007.

Sands has tried everything to stop, and now hopes an operation to repair a damaged stomach valve can stop his talent.

Indeed, Sands may not see it as such, but he is billed as a singer, and we have plenty of those already. But we have only one hiccupping singer.

Can Sands do for the hiccuppers what Gareth Gates did for stammerers?

And what is Britain’s Got Talent but a chance for innovative acts to show their worth.

All hail the singing metronome…

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