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Compassionate Communism Is Made In China

by | 8th, May 2008

china-soldier-needles.jpgHAVE those pins really been placed in the collar of the Chinese soldier’s shirt deliberately?

The Mail says so.

Pictures taken at an army base in Shenyang, Liaoning province, show a paramilitary policeman with head erect. Should he move from the approved position his flesh will come into contact with the needles, causing some distress and blood to cascade over his white shirt.

Readers may well believe the Mail has erred and the pins have been left in by error, a mistake many man has made. Anorak suggests they are not needles but nails.

There’s another picture of the soldiers marching with a wooden cross tucked into the back of each of their shiny black belts.

Cover the peaked hats in thorns and we could be looking at China’s fledgling Jesus Army.

But these are preparations for the Olympic Games, and the soldiers will be looking out for trouble at the football tournament in Shenyang. Not pins. Not nails. Those are needles.

Any fan experiencing the trauma of a sudden hole in a sock or a loose button should ask one of the policeman, who will remove a needle and make good the item.

It’s all part of compassionate communism. Nothing is too much trouble, and Anorak advises visitors to ask a policeman to knit them a scarf and thus see something truly memorable…

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