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Earth Doctor Al Gore Meets The Ambassador For Polar Bears

by | 8th, May 2008

wwf-nature.jpgSAYS AL Gore, leader of the Al Goreans to the peoples of Ohio: “The planet has a fever.

“If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don’t say, ‘well, I read a science fiction novel that tells me it’s not a problem.’ ”

The Wall Street Journal’s readers hear the words, and respond:

Fevers can be a symptom of either a bacterial or viral issue. A doctor can attempt a solution to a bacterial issue, but not a viral one. A virus has to run its course while the body fights it–and a fever is a sign of the struggle to eliminate the virus. Let’s see a scientific consensus that the Earth’s fever is bacteria-related.


Overreacting is common among parents. I remember one morning when my first child was still an infant. Imagine my horror when I discovered that her temperature had risen to 99.5 degrees, almost a whole degree in just under 12 hours. Naturally, I immediately sat down and built a computer model, which clearly projected that by age 30, her temperature was going to be a staggering 19,710 degrees!

Says Gore: “I am Al Gore. I used to be the next president of the United States of America.

After years of the same catchphrase will have to get new line when Hillary Clinton steps aside.

A reader is still thinking about Gore’s warning:

So let me see if I have this right. According to Al Gore, I would have to be an idiot to decide, after reading “a science-fiction novel” (he must be referring to “State of Fear”) that it’s OK to go about living my life in a normal fashion. Instead, I should see one science-fiction movie (his) and run screaming out of the theater prepared to change every aspect of my life to avoid certain destruction.

In the crowd is Robert Buchanan, an ambassador for polar bears. Clutching a tray of gold paper-wrapped glacier mints, he says: “We lost 1 million square miles of ice last summer alone, and if you don’t have ice, you don’t have polar bears.”

Although German polar bears are managing just fine…

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