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The Cat That Got Cremated: Man Kills Chopper With Bare Hands

by | 9th, May 2008

chopper.jpgHEARD the one about the man who killed a cat because it was teasing him?

It’s true. Says the Express: “In cuffs, the man who killed a cat ‘for taunting him’.” The Mail agrees: “Cat from next door smirked at me… so I killed it.”

There’s a picture of Mr Dougal Thorn in handcuffs, being led to a police car, and on to a police station.

Mr Thorn maintains that having knocked over a vase in his living room, the cat looked “pleased”. The cat, one Chopper, lodged with Sarah Brooker and her partner Tom Walker.

Says Mr Thorn: “The cart became a menace. He looked pleased when he knocked over a vase. Things were getting broken and the vase was knocked over with water and flowers everywhere.”

It looked like a scene from a Dutch damn disaster.

He continues: “I knocked him unconscious with my hand then threw him in the river.”

Some may consider this reasonable behaviour, others may view it differently

Ms Brooker “cannot comprehend how someone can kill an animal with their bare hands”, so joining Anorak in advocating wayward cats being undone with stun guns, gas and gloves.

Mr Thorn has been charged with criminal damage.

But nothing will bring Chopper back, and neither the cat nor its owners will be prosecuted for breaking an entering.

Chopper is no more, and we like to think of in happier times, or cremated and poured sensitively into a vase…

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