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Tabloid Bingo: McCann, Matthews, McGuckin And More…

by | 10th, May 2008

tabloid-bingo.pngANORAK’S’ Tabloid Bingo: With Lorraine Kelly

The Aim of The Game: To combine the names McCann, Fritzl, Matthews, McGuckin and McKeown in one column. Can the Sun’s Lorraine do it? Eyes down…

WHY do many parents leave their common sense behind as soon as they step on the plane and go off on holiday?

A promising start from Kelly, who has set a scene which should enable her to use all five names, possibly in a single paragraph.

Parents who would not leave their children in the front garden to play on their own happily dump them in the hotel room or villa while they go for a meal. The poor McCanns will never forgive themselves for their tragic error of judgment which led to the disappearance of Maddie.


What about the Irish bank chief and his wife who had their children taken into protective custody when on holiday in the Algarve?

You mean the mortgage advisor, Lorraine?

Eamon McGuckin was said to be so drunk that he collapsed and fell through a sofa, while his wife Antoinette threw up in their hotel reception area.


Damn those flimsy Portuguese sofas.

Without becoming paranoid and wrapping your children in cotton wool, you have to be aware they can be in MORE danger on holiday than at home. Child molesters haunt holiday camps, theme parks and family resorts. You need to be on your guard.

The danger is all around us. It could be you.

Parents have to remind themselves about what they would do if they were in their own house. They WOULDN’T leave their children home alone without a babysitter, and they WOULDN’T get so stinking drunk they vomit and black out.

Shannon Matthews? Noooo! Karen Matthews?? Noooooo!! Lorraine misses a sitter. Come, on Loraine, up your game.

More Tabloid Bingo soon…

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