Anorak News | Rock Bottom: Celebrity Police Forget Paul Burrell

Rock Bottom: Celebrity Police Forget Paul Burrell

by | 10th, May 2008

celebrity-police-force.jpgTHE Sun’s plan to mend Brocken Britain by grassing up celebrities to the UK‘s Celebrity Police Force is floundering.

The grim news is that Paul Burrell will not be prosecuted for perjury despite confessing that he lied at Princess Diana’s inquest. And Burrell has every right to feel let down.

The Sun has a video of Burrell apparently admitting it all. And it handed the tape to the police in the approved manner. They viewed it, and thought that, all things considered, Burrell was not worth the effort.

That it should come to this for Burrell, now deemed less worthy of a date with the CPF than the woman who inherited Alma Colan’s hair. Pah! Even Peaches Geldof, Sir Bob’s brattish daughter, interests the police. But not Burrell.

As the Sun says, the Metropolitan Police tried and failed to prosecute Burrell in 2002 for allegedly stealing hundreds of Diana’s possessions following her death.

Back then the CPF were happy to be seen with Burrell. He was on I’m A Celebrity; he was stating in a one-man show; he was the man the Queen Mother wanted to marry and usurp the throne.

He has a right to feel let down and used.

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