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Madonna Gets In Bed With Ticket Touts

by | 10th, May 2008

madonna-money.jpgIS Madonna’s hopping into bed with ticket touts an exercise in greed or research for Guy Ritchie’s next Mockney geyser flick?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Madonna’s upcoming concert tour is to feature an official ticket tout.

You know how it works: the touts buy up the tickets leaving the fans to scratch around for what they can get.

Dial the official ticket line and get tapped for a “booking fee” when you pay by one of those new fangled credit car, or buy online and on the point of sale find the site freezes like Anthea Turner at an orgy.

The deal means Madonna is tied up to StubHub, owned by eBay, via which ticket holders can “resell” (tout) tickets.

But it’s not only oiks who get the cut but Madonna, too, who takes a base fee plus a slice of the action.

So she gets money from the original sale of the ticket and more money when the ticket is resold.

Anyone else think tickets will be easy to come by?

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