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Rhett Lamb Hasn’t Slept For Three Years

by | 11th, May 2008

gordonasleep.jpgA FLORIDA TV broadcast highlights 3-year-old Rhett Lamb has a rare medical condition that prevents him from sleeping:

 Rhett has never taken a nap or gone to sleep at night, forcing his parents to keep watch day and night.”(My husband) has the day shift and I kind of have the afternoon shift,” mother Shannon Lamb said. “We share the night shift because no one can sleep in the house when he is up anyway.”

Lamb said she is working extra to pay for Rhett’s large medical bills. She also said her husband, David, has given up his job to care for their child.

Eat your heart out, David Blaine, you too Keith Richards. And Gordon Brown, who should try counting Gordon Browns.

No joking matter. So sensible suggestions only as to how Rhett can get to sleep to the usual address…

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