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Madonna Wants Us To Jump And F*** For Planet Earth

by | 12th, May 2008

jump.bmpWHEN Madonna stood on the Live 8 pulpit and told us, “If you want to save the planet I want you to start jumping up and down. Come on motherf*****”, we jumped.

We have now jumped 54,982 times. If we stop jumping the planet will die.

Anorak set about petitioning World Wildlife Fund to approve a cull of all carbon exhaling creatures that cannot jump, such as elephants, babies and Peter Crouch.

Now Madonna has issued another withering cry. In a concert broadcast over the BBC, the popstar tells us: “You guys are going to have to start f***ing it up out there ‘cos I need to feel some love.”

Jumping and fucking it up at once is no easy thing, not least of all for anyone who has trouble patting their had and rubbing their tummies at the same time.

And understandable there are “furious complaints (Sun) to the BBC, which issues a swift apology, although one that comes too late for those millions of dancers who have finally worked out what to do with their hands…

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