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The Daily Express: The Holistic Newspaper

by | 13th, May 2008

40p.jpgAS ever the Daily Express presents a holistic approach to the day’s news, the actual stories and facts being less then the whole effect.

The masthead delivers the fact that the Express costs 40p, which may be showing off. Express readers may care to furl their newspaper in such a manner that the label shows uppermost, so giving readers of cheaper newspapers a glimpse of luxury.

But still the Express must concede that the Mail is 10p cheaper, making it reassuringly expensive. However, the Mail remains “ten times” worse than the Express, thus making it look all the more desirable to fashionable newspaper readers.

Good on the Express not to let petty rivalries stand in the way of true reporting.

The Express’ other front-page news is that there has been a “£415 JUMP IN ENERGY BILLS”.

Look out for tomorrow’s Express, which should come with a complementary match…

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