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Dead Babies Mistaken For Christmas Decorations

by | 13th, May 2008

baby-christmas-tree.jpgA CLACK of marmalade-coated tongues as Mail readers learn: “Bodies of two babies hidden in a box for 50 years were mistaken for Christmas decorations.”

It’s 1956, Winifred Atwell is No. 1 in the hit parade. Egypt seizes the Suez Canal and rationing has only been a few years gone.

Tough times. And just how tough we can deduce from the aforesaid headline, as dead babies are used as Christmas decorations.

The paper says that the ornaments were found on top of a bedroom wardrobe in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, last Thursday.

Says detective Inspector Derek Weaver: “We believe the boxes have been there for some time. The only clue we have was the presence of a newspaper, dated November 26, 1956, which was alongside one of the bodies.”

And a Christmas tree made from a German feldgrau coat and a broomstick…

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