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Fritzl Watch: Dr Frankenstein And Nazis

by | 13th, May 2008

frankenstein.bmpFRITZL Watch: Anorak’s look at Josef Fritzl, Elisabeth Fritzl, Nazis and assorted Frtizls in the news.


CELLAR monster Josef Fritzl was branded “Dr Frankenstein” last night as psychiatrists began tests to determine whether he is mad.

Dr Frankenstein, the Swiss Germanic character conjured by the mind of an English novelist?

Top psychiatrist Dr Christian Ludke rejected that claim, saying: “The criminal energy of this man is unbelievable. He is ice-cold and is still playing power games. We can only separate him from society.”

Dr Ludke compared Fritzl to the fictional Dr Frankenstein, who created a monster he thought he could control.

The shrink said: “Fritzl enjoyed being master of life and death. He enjoyed his fantasy of having all the power, he was like Dr Frankenstein.”


Dr Ludke also rubbished Fritzl’s claims that his actions were caused by his strict upbringing during Nazi rule. The doc said: “He just wants to protect himself and blame someone else.”

Do mention the war…

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