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Australian Driver Seatbelts Beer But Not Child

by | 13th, May 2008

borland_les.jpgAUSTRALIAN police were “shocked and appalled” when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory and found a 30-can pack of beer strapped down between two adults in the back, and a five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor.

Of course, what the police meant to says is that they were delighted and relieved that among all the yoga-practising, alcohol-abstaining, veggie-munching, self-righteous, tree-huggers in the land Down Under they found a true stereotypical Aussie.

The driver was handed a fine of A$750 (US$709; £362) for failing to ensure a child was wearing a seatbelt. The driver was driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Says Constable Wayne Burnett, using words that will sound like nectar to the Australian Tourist Board trying to bolster a flagging image in the face of some much sanctimony: “I haven’t ever seen something like this before.

“This is the first time that the beer has taken priority over a child… The child was sitting in the lump in the centre, unrestrained.”

Burnett says when challenged the driver “just looked at me blankly”.

Like a true Aussie…


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