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Brown Sugar: Gordon Brown Is Alan Sugar’s Apprentice

by | 14th, May 2008

alan-sugar-brown.jpgWELCOME to Junior PM, the show in which Gordon Brown takes on the guise of Sir Alan Sugar in The Apprentice and looks for a new protégé.

Indeed, the Mail says Hazel Blears, the shrill Communities Secretary, has been “told that the scheme would make the Prime Minister ‘more popular than Alan Sugar’”.

That’s the dream. Gordon has been learning to fold his arms “like he means it” and begins sentences with hard-faced observations such as “My motto is…”, “I’m a go getter…” and “If anyone stands in my way I will stomp on their throat”. But Brown’s Sugar Scowl makes him look just glum.

But it’s a ten-part plan, and the first target will be to make Brown more popular than David Cameron, or Andrew Lloyd Webber, the fidgety host of TV talent show I’d Do Anything.

That’s the show about a search for Nancy, a young woman trying make ends meet in trying times, and a feral boy who’s always demanding more.

Of course, if Gordon Brown gets his way, finding Nancy will be easy because her biometric details will be stored in her ID card. She may well be spotted at birth.

On with the show and in scene one Brown is sat on a stone between his two most ardent supporters, the aforesaid Blears and a sock puppet called Tony.

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