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Soldiers Caught In Afghan Drugs Caper

by | 14th, May 2008

glasgow-rangers.jpgONE in the eye for those who say the British are tying to create a New Glasgow in Afghanistan.

The Sun reports that four squaddies have been caught trying to buy cannabis from an Afghani soldier in Helmand province. The quarter (surely quartet? – Ed) are all in the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Says an “insider”: “We are meant to be training the Afghan army – not scoring drugs off them. It makes the whole British Army look bad and doesn’t do the Afghans’ reputations any good either.”

While trying to get goofed soldiers to join the fray presents difficulties, and prolonged use of cannabis can induce feelings of paranoia (the user may feel they are being watched and people are out to get them) we wonder why the soldiers went for weed and not opium, which grows like, well, weeds, in Afghanistan?

Answers in the form of rugby dreams to the usual address…

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