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Sarah Ferguson On Bea’s Henry VIIIth Legacy

by | 14th, May 2008

elizabeth_of_york.jpgMORE caring mums in the Mirror where Sarah Ferguson is telling the world that her daughter Beatrice is not fat.

“Beatrice is a healthy size 10, she’s a fabulous girl, she has a completely good heart,” says Fergie, Duchess of York, her words borrowed from Elizabeth of York, mother to larger than life Henry VIII.

And the similarities between the two York women do not end there.

Says Fergie: “She has suffered with special needs at school from the age of seven with dyslexia. So much so that she has combated it in order to get a grade A* in history to go and read history at Goldsmiths.”

Ginger Henry’s own dyslexia got him in no end of strife, seeing two wives beheaded, when Henry had only meant for them to be “beheaped” with praise, forsooth.

Says Fergie: “Could we not focus on the fact that she’s a healthy size 10?”

She’s Bearrice the tenth, she is, she is. She may even be Beatrice the size 10…

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