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Professor Loses Job For Failed Student

by | 14th, May 2008

DO you only measure a teacher’s ability in the marks his students’ get?

These are the questions at the center of a dispute that cost Steven D. Aird his job teaching biology at Norfolk State University. Today is his last day of work, but on his way out, he has started to tell his story — one that he suggests points to large educational problems at the university and in society. The university isn’t talking publicly about his case, but because Aird has released numerous documents prepared by the university about his performance — including the key negative tenure decisions by administrators — it is clear that he was denied tenure for one reason: failing too many students. The university documents portray Aird as unwilling to compromise to pass more students.

I once had a teacher who gave us all Ds and even invented a G grade. The highest grade anyone ever got was a C+. We all passed A-levels with As and Bs.

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