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Amy Winehouse Is Ann Widdecombe’s Role Model

by | 15th, May 2008

amy-winehouse-blonde.jpgAMY Winehouse is not to be charged with “taking Class A crack”. It’s the Sun’s front-page news. And the Sun says its “CRACKERS”.

The Sun’s plan to have everyone locked up is in tatters, just as the Mirror failed in its bid to have Kate Moss arrested for her alleged drug taking.

The paper says the video the Sun obtained and then broadcast of Winehouse smoking something was not enough to see her incarcerated because of a legal “loophole”.

It turns out that Winehouse escaped justice because there was no evidence of her having taken actual drugs. Just as Moss’s cocaine might have been snorting lines of sherbet, anthrax or uranium, Winehouse’s pipe was filled with liquid paraffin and brie.

Those smart alec lawyers might have made a mockery of our judiciary but the Sun knows what’s what.

And it’s gathering about itself a crack team of celebrity drug experts. Tory MP Ann Widdecombe says Winehouse is “an appalling role model, as is Kate Moss and Pete Doherty”.

And Widdecombe should know, having dyed her hair blonde (like Winehouse), owned a cat (like Doherty) and has, like Moss, modeled things, specifically dried pasta on the telly.

But has Widdecombe ever taken drugs? Has anyone at the Sun? And will the paper now investigate..?

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