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How Now Big Cow: Duke And Chilli Find A Way

by | 15th, May 2008

duke.jpgARE our animals getting bigger?

Following yesterday’s news of Chilli, who at 6ft 6in is the UK’s biggest bullock, the Mail brings more news from the farmyard.

Duke the shire horse stands at 19.3 hands, that’s 6ft 5in at the shoulder. Duke is Britain’s tallest horse.

Sara Ross, who cares for Duke, says he doesn’t like the rain, and hates snow. He also freaks out when he hears a mobile phone ringing.

If you are or know of a horse who might be suited to Duke, then get in touch with the Mail. You may even own a cow and have entertained the idea of creating a new breed of animal, the how.

One word, though, Duke has a “soft spot” for a Shetland point called Jasper.

They are the horse world’s answer to Bernie Ecclestone and his taller wife, or Nicholas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni or, indeed, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

It’s an uncomfortable image, and one YOU can help resolve…

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