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Mariah Carey’s Secret 9 Carat Gold Tattoo

by | 15th, May 2008

carey_cannon.jpgYOU join us on the roof of Mariah Carey’s building where Nick Cannon, Tommy Cannon’s youngest, is asking Carey to marry him.

A yes. Another yes. And Mariah is on the phone to her father, George Carey. Can he get Westminster Abbey? It would seem not.

And so Mariah is forced into a beach wedding in the Bahamas, such as those featured on TV’s Weddings From Hell and in the pages of self-medicating women’s magazines.

What occurs next is, says OK!, Mariah “secret wedding”.

No official magazine photographer could be trusted to keep the thing secret. But happily, Cannon managed to film his proposal on his handycam. And then film it once more as he proposed again on a helicopter ride. He then sets the camera on self-timer and dashes over to stand by Mariah by the edge of a swimming pool. Both wear white.


On the beach, the camera is primed once more. Cannon lifts Mariah high into the air. Though her feet are cut off, so too the top of her head, and his eyes are shut, and she is looking somewhere else, it’s a terrific picture. One for the album.

Then it’s off to get his ‘n’ hers tattoos. “To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything,” says Nick. “They’re forever and ever. They profess our love.”

Cannon has “MARIAH” writ across the back of his shoulders. Hers is across her lower back and says “Mrs Cannon”. We get to see his tattoo. But when Mariah turns all we see is a pink butterfly with no obvious lettering.

Can it be that she bought his 3 carat tattoo, and he bought her a 9 carat gold-plated tattoo?

Not that money matters when you have love…

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