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Paedos And Urban Myths In Burma

by | 16th, May 2008

peados.jpgTHOUSANDS are dead in Burma.

And the Sun is wondering how worse it can get for the dispossessed, distraught and crippled survivors?

And it hits upon “ORPHAN KIDS SEX TARGETS”. Know that “child sex traffickers are sneaking into Burma’s cyclone refugee camps to prey on orphans”.

The ravages of nature we can understand, but the human on human depravity we can only stare at. And we’ve been here before.

After the flooding of New Orleans, the press could not get enough of stories of rape and murder within the New Orleans Superdome. When the waters subsided, they proved to be false.

Then there were the pervs on the prowl in post-tsunami Thailand. There was the story of the 12-year-old Swedish boy taken from a hospital in Thailand by “a moustachioed European man wearing a red shirt”.

The man turned out to be a good sort dedicating to saving children, and the boy, we’ll, he’d not gone anywhere.

It was all fantasy dreamed up by people who get off on such stories.

And now the Sun is talking of paedophiles in Burma: “Government officials are accused of taking payments to turn a blind eye”; it is “feared the lost and alone children are being ‘bought’ then smuggled into neighbouring Thailand to work as sex salves”; a Christian Aid spokeswoman says “we have been warned the threat from sexual predators is real.”

But there are no facts, no story, no proof. There is just fear.

Is the threat real? Or is it a fantasy..?


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