Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Signs For Abramovich And Doherty Flies Low

Amy Winehouse Signs For Abramovich And Doherty Flies Low

by | 16th, May 2008

doherty-winehouse.jpgPETE Doherty and Amy Winehouse are the subject of much chatter.

The Express says Pete has left his flies open. The Sun wonders what their child will look like, and mocks up a picture of a tattooed baby who looks like a young John Prescott.

The Express says Doherty has sores on his face. The flies, the child and the complexion might be linked, but the Express is not one to speculate, at least not any more.

Anorak wonders if those are not sores but stud marks on Doherty’s face, badges of honour earned at training sessions for the Soccer Six tournament? The Star says that at the celebrity football match, Doherty will be substituted by Winehouse, who is even more likely to score than he is.

Which may be welcome news for Roman Abramovich, who the Mirror says has offered Winehouse £1million to play at the opening of an art gallery in Moscow.

Although given the wages paid to his Chelsea footballers, it might not be enough…

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