Anorak News | Victoria Beckham Is Zero And Paris Hilton Is Given One

Victoria Beckham Is Zero And Paris Hilton Is Given One

by | 16th, May 2008

beckham-hilton.jpgPARIS Hilton and Victoria Beckham are in London.

The Mail sees Hilton setting up her stall on Oxford Street, on which she will sell her innate smell, Can-Can, a heady blend of used tissue, warm mattress and tinned crab.

Over in Harrods, Victoria Beckham is flogging denim. “I often look incredibly rough, actually,” says Posh on GMTV, a confession she may consider a revelation, and others a tagline for her fashion range.

The Star sees the two woman doing battle. Oxford Street is “mobbed”. The traffic is at a “standstill”. Paris is selling 150 bottle of perfume.

The Mirror says Paris wins the “battle of hearts and minds”. Over at Harrods, the department store has laid on blankets for denim enthusiasts arriving early.

But no-one comes.

Paris wins. Or, as the Sun puts it: “POSH 0 PARIS 1”.

Although the score may be their respective dresses sizes. In which case Posh wins, by being the sum of her slender parts…

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