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Amy Winehouse And Blake’s Paper Anniversary: Janis And Georgette Speak

by | 17th, May 2008

amy-winehouse-blake.jpgSAYS Janis Winehouse, mother to chanteuse Amy Winehouse: “Obviously, it’s difficult to be sympathetic. Amy knows there’s no love lost between Blake and me, and, let’s be honest, no mother really wants to refer to her son-in-law as ‘my son-in-law in jail’ do they?”

Tomorrow is Amy and the feckless Blaaaaake’s first wedding anniversary. And as befitting the paper anniversary, Janis is talking to the the Daily Mail.

So too is Blake’s mother Georgette. But Janis is talking first: “Fundamentally, my partner Tony and I are trying to play this very low-key as far as Blake’s concerned.”

Hard to get more low-key than airing your views in the national press. Next time Janis should consider not commenting in the Express and hope that no-one notices.

Janis goes on: “She knows how I feel, but I don’t want to turn her against me so we simply do not talk about Blake.” Indeed, best not to.

“As far as I’m concerned, Blake more than played his part in Amy’s downfall. People I trust have told me that Amy didn’t start on the hard drugs until she met Blake – and I think that says it all… That all changed when she met Blake. She didn’t start self-harming until Blake came along, either.”

But she’s not going to talk about Blake. This is a happy time, so let’s talk of Amy’s marriage to ‘it’: “It’s a delicate dance, and it’s got to play itself out. In the meantime, I can only thank God that her body weight at the moment means she’s unlikely to get pregnant.”

Having heard from the bride’s family, we now hear from the groom’s.

Says Georgette, pictured with arms folded across her chest: “I’m very cross with Amy’s mother, too. Janis has never said a nice thing about Blake. It’s been too convenient for her to blame him for Amy’s addiction.”

And Amy? Well: “Half-dressed, surrounded by hangers-on, Amy looks every bit the drug addict, with her thin frame, grubby fingernails and cuts on her arms.”

What to do, Georgette? “In their position, Giles [her partner] and I would have bundled her into a car and taken her somewhere where she’d be under medical surveillance 24 hours a day.”

And with no hint of irony: “We’d been considering doing that with Blake before he was put into prison.”

Not a metaphor for marriage to Amy, but actual prison…

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