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Jade’s Show: Jade Goody Returns To TV

by | 20th, May 2008

jade-goody-perfume.jpgNEWS of Jade Goody in the Sun. And the news is that Jade is being lined up for a return to frontline telly work,

“TELLY bosses” at Living TV are said to be looking at news ideas for Goody.

So far, the channel has featured Jade’s Salon (a search for Jade’s beauty salon) and Jade’s PA (a search for Jade’s assistant).

New ideas include:

Jade’s Bile (a camera is implanted inside Jade’s bile duct and Jade’s gut reaction is gauged as she is confronted by people of different creeds and colours)

Jade’s Buttons (Jade Goody opens her heart and her button box and tells an interesting story behind each button. In show one Jade returns to Faces nightclub in Essex and recalls losing a brown button in a fracas with Danielle Lloyd)

Jade’s Show (a search for Jade’ next show – TV executives try to fathom a new show for Jade Goody)

Jade’s Mirror (Jade Goody sits before a Mirror and asks a series of probing questions)

Jade’s Hair (a look at some of Jade’s most interesting hairs)

And more…

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