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The Subvivor: Be Prepared For The War On Terror

by | 20th, May 2008

subvivor.jpgYOU sense danger. That swarthy man the Tube is carrying an accordion. Another is sporting small bag with a big yellow ‘M’ on the front. It smells foul. A woman keeps staring at her shoes, like a cross-dressing Richard Reid.

Panic? No. Prepare: The Subvivor kits will enable you to live when death stalks your carriage.

Whether it is a train fire, a highrise building fire or worse. People should have more protection than a necktie, their shirt or paper towel to cover their mouth, nose and eyes.

As you know an emergency can happen at anytime and in anyplace, leaving one vulnerable. Don’t be a sitting duck.

The Subivor® Subway Emergency Kit can aid you in seeing and breathing while exiting . This all-in-one compact, portable and easy to use subway emergency kit contains some items never seen before in a kit.

The kit contains:

1 SURVIVAL MASK – a one piece, full-face, ecsape/evacuation, anti-fog, disposable mask which protects against:

• Toxic Smoke
• Concrete Dust
• Radio Active Dirty Bomb
• Influenza
• Anthrax/Dry Spores
• Small Pox

1 3 1/2 inch Flashlight – To help you navigate your way in the dark
1 7 inch Orange Pry bar – To knock a window out of it’s setting or to shatter it
1 Silver tone Metal Whistle – To assist you in calling for help if you are trapped
1 Orange Moist Towelette Pouch – To remove dirt or debris from your hands and face without water
1 Compact Bag – A 3 1/2 inch x 6 inch black bag with a reflector tape strap to aid in rescue operations

The survival mask comes in both adult and child sizes 2-12. It fits into almost anything, including pocketbooks, a suit jacket, a briefcase or a child’s backpack.

Avaliable in: Orange, Green, Pink or Yellow.

To be on the safe side, bets wear the mask at all times…

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