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Enjoy The Best Sex Ever With Jennifer Aniston

by | 20th, May 2008

jen-aniston.jpgJENNIFER Aniston is having the “BEST SEX EVER”.

She might be having the/her best sex ever right now, and readers of the National Enquirer’s front-page news may care to pause before turning the page.

In readiness for more insights, Anorak zips through our collection of celebrity sex videos, and after a scene involving Margaret Rutherford, Bobby Charlton and Lord Charles we are ready to look on.

Over two pages we are met by the sight of Aniston and pop singer John Mayer taking in the sun. It’s hard to see any frotting, let alone full coitus, and the effect is not unlike watching giant pandas in the zoo. You wait for the Hollywood gene pool to expand, but nothing.

Readers learn that Mayer used to date Jessica Simpson, the orangey yellow Simpson at large. Jen, of course, was married to Brad Pitt. Jen also dated Vince Vaughn, who the Enquirer says called her to say that Mayer is not good for her.

No children were produced by any of those relationship and the fear is that unless Jen and John can breed, Sharon Osbourne may be called upon once again.

Jen and John may need help, and are welcome to visit the Anorak video library whenever they are free…

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