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Profiling Schoolchildren And Weeding Out The Baa Baa Black Sheep

by | 21st, May 2008

sheep-with-glasses-frames.jpgCLASSROOM troublemakers as young as five will not be expelled from school but placed in “sin bins”.

The Mail notes: “They will be sent for a spell in a specialist unit where they will be given anger management classes alongside normal lessons to prepare them to return to their schools.”

This may be just the Mail’s take on the news because over in the Guardian the same White Paper is given the headline: “Sin bins for pupils to be scrapped.”

Ministers moved yesterday to scrap so-called sin bins for disruptive pupils and replace them with specialist centres run by private companies, charities and academies, in an admission that the policy has failed.

So sin bins are out. As the Independent says: “Disruptive pupils to be sent to specialist ‘sin bins’ run by private companies.”

So much for the non sin-bins sin bins. What of the policy?

The Mirror says that “ministers are so anxious to catch youngsters before they offend that those who have out-of-control brothers or sisters or a mum or dad in jail could be sent to one of the units – even if they have done nothing wrong”.

Profiling children, and weeding out the wrong uns. Oh, brave new world.

Says Schools Secretary Ed Balls said: “What we want is to be identifying those risk factors and then getting engaged with young people at a much earlier stage than the point at which they are likely to be getting into difficulty with exclusion or getting into trouble with crime.”

Meanwhile the children are singing a song:

Baa Baa black sheep
Does dad have a record?
What’s it to you, sirrrr
You’ll never take me alive, you s*t…

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